I've been listening to spotify for about 3-4 years now and since I discovered the world of audiophiles and their Hi-Fi devices through a friend of mine, I've wondered if there's a Hi-Fi streaming option to Spotify.

No, there is no Hi-Fi Streaming Option on Spotify....YET..

There has been reports of Spotify offering Hi-Fi Streaming to select users as part of their testing phase for the Hi-Fi audio streaming feature. 

While it has been a year or more since the reports have been posted, we have yet to have hi-fi audio streaming on Spotify. 

Also, not all smartphones have a built-in DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) so you also need that to actually have the full Hi-Fi Experience.

But DON'T CLICK AWAY just yet!

You can still stream very high quality audio using Spotify!

Of course it won't be Hi-Fi levels but it still is of high quality. 

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to your SPOTIFY App
  2. Tap on YOUR LIBRARY
  3. Click the GEAR ICON on the Top Right Corner to go to your settings
  4. Scroll down to MUSIC QUALITY then SELECT VERY HIGH on the Streaming Section
  5. You can also set your DOWNLOADS to be of VERY HIGH quality audio.

NOTE: Setting your spotify to stream very high quality audio will make you consume more data than usual. Also, having your downloads set the same will also consume more space on your phone since it is more high quality.

What it does..

Setting your Spotify app to stream/download VERY HIGH quality audio will give you the highest quality version of the music/podcast you'll be listening to.

There are other available choices for the Streaming Settings of Spotify and these are the equivalent quality:
  • Low - Equivalent to approximately 24 kbit/s (HE-AACv2 format).
  • Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96kbit/s (Ogg Vorbis format).
  • High – Equivalent to approximately 160kbit/s (Ogg Vorbis format).
  • Very high – Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s (Ogg Vorbis format).
  • Automatic – Dependent on your network connection. 
While it is not Hi-Fi quality, it will give you very noticeable quality audio. 

Pair it with an amazing headphones/earphones and I'm sure you'll have a blast.

What to do now? 

Enjoy your very high quality audio listening experience and try to explore other genres and beats too! 
I recommend the HI-FI Test playlist! Such an amazing selection!

What do you guys listen to now? Any song/artist recommendations you would like me to listen to? 


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