They recently just announced the upcoming availability of their latest Image Sensor called the Sony IMX586 stacked CMOS sensor
Sony is one of the largest suppliers for Image Sensors for smartphones today. They recently just announced the upcoming availability of their latest Image Sensor called the Sony IMX586 stacked CMOS sensor.

Sony IMX586 will give smartphones 48 Effective Megapixels!

According to Sony's website, the Sony IMX586 features a 48 Effective Megapixel sensor and is the highest pixel count in the industry. They achieved this by successfully putting 0.8 μm ultra-compact pixel size on a very tiny 1/2 type unit.

Utilizing the Quad Bayer Color Filter Array to Enable High Sensitivity and High resolution

In low light situations such as shooting at night, the signal from the four adjacent pixels are added, raising the sensitivity to a level equivalent to that of 1.6 μm pixels(12 effective megapixels) to capture bright, low-noise photos and videos. When shooting bright scenes such as daytime outdoors, the built-in, original signal processing function performs array conversion, making it possible to obtain high-definition 48 effective megapixel images in real time. (Source:

What does this mean for the average consumer?

Well, for one, smartphones that will have this image sensor will have a very beefy camera that can rival the performance of DSLRs and professional cameras. At least, in theory of course.  There is a debate though that even if you pack in a lot of megapixels, the fact that this is a small sensor will still make the image quality different from professional cameras.
         Conventional Image(12mp)                      Sony IMX586(48mp, right)
Image: SONY
The new Sony IMX586 sensor delivers both high sensitivity and high resolution. What this means is LOW LIGHT situations will not be a problem for this sensor and mobile phones will be a good contender to the DSLRs(it has a shot, but we just have to see for ourselves once it's out).

Key Specifications



I am very excited to see what the phone manufacturers can do with this new sensor which features 48MP capability. This looks promising and would really make mobile phones a photography and videography tool and alternative for hobbyists and possibly professionals. It is expected to be available by September 2018, so I guess the phones that will be released by next year would make use of this new Sony IMX586. Will this bridge the gap between the smartphone and professional cameras capabilities? What do you guys think of this new sensor? 

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