Gamers and even casual users often rely on good hardware to use with their badass rigs and whatnot.

Prominent brands like Razer, Steelseries, etc., are what we always hear when talking about gaming peripherals and of course they come with a hefty price tag and a hole in our pockets.

If you're like me, then you're probably a "Kuripot"(Thrifty) casual gamer and would FIRST look at cheaper brands and items that are available in the market.

Lucky for you, I will be doing a series of product reviews of gaming peripherals from Budget Gear manufacturers and help you on deciding which is the right Budget Gaming Gear for you and your budget!

Welcome to the Budget Gear Brawl

This blog post will serve as an index of posts I will be doing for several Budget Gear manufacturers and their products. It will be CONTINUOUSLY updated so check it out every now and then! 

The reviews will have certain criteria, depending on the kind of peripheral, which will be in the first few paragraphs of the post. 

Also, unless otherwise stated, these posts are NOT SPONSORED and have come from my own pocket. 

Lastly, all reviews will be unbiased and regardless if it was sponsored or not, the reviews I will be making are based on my own opinion and from experience with these items.

Understand that even if these are budget gears, all consumers like myself are looking for the best bang for our buck items and what I want is to provide my readers/audience to get a grasp of what I think about these products and whether or not it is worth buying. 

I would also like to point out that the reviews would also be a good starting point for the brands when looking for improvements to their products. We can all work together towards delivering great service and products. 

The Contenders

These are the contenders for the Budget Gear Brawl!  (No Particular Order)

Want me to review a certain product?

If you want me to review a particular product/brand, just shoot me an email at with the SUBJECT LINE: Budget Gear Brawl Suggestion - (insert brand name, product model) and tell me in the email where I can buy it(a link would be of great help)


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