This contender is from our neighbor country Indonesia which sought to fill a gap in the market for quality computer accessories.

FANTECH is an original Indonesian brand that was built in 2006 to meet the demands of the Indonesian market for quality computer accessories that have more value in the eyes of consumers.

Now expanding in several markets around the globe, it has of course reached the Philippines as well.

FANTECH Philippines Gaming Peripherals

With 10 years of experience marketing and providing computer accessories products such as mice, keyboards, headsets and other supporting accessories, we are slowly but surely starting to be known as products that have models, quality and innovation that are always at the forefront to meet consumer desires.

As time goes by and the development of the E-Sport world in the world and especially in Indonesia, we begin to innovate to present GAMING GEAR products as one of our missions to support the world of E-Sport Indonesia. As a form of our support for the progress of national E-Sport, in 2016 we introduced a new FANTECH® LOGO specifically for Gaming products along with the latest gaming products. 

With the latest gaming products, we have a mission to position ourselves as one of the best Gaming Gear manufacturers and take part in the development of the National E-Sport world especially at the level of developing the quality of Gamers in the country. With the slogan GEAR UP & WIN we are ready to support and innovate to provide the best Gaming Gear for Gamers INDONESIA.

The following section is their product lines and all information can be found on their website:

Since they have a ton of products, I won't be putting each individual info about it. Just check out their website for more info :)

Gaming Mice

Fantech's gaming mice lineup is massive!
They have about 5 series just for gaming mice!

G Series

V Series

X Series

Z Series

W Series



Speakers And Audio

Pricing and Availability

Fantech Products are available on Shoppee and Lazada. 

See affiliate links below for Lazada to check out their prices.

Note: The affiliate links will have no cost to you. It will just help me earn a small commission to every purchase you make in the links above and help me maintain this blog and making content regularly.

Product Reviews

I will be reviewing a few of their products one of which is already in the works. Be sure to always check the Budget Gear Brawl page for the links to the product reviews and also view the blog about our budget gear contenders!


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