Before I say anything else. please note that this post is NOT SPONSORED and I have personally purchased this mouse and mousepad for my own usage and also, for this post :)

Also, this is part of the on-going blog series called Budget Gear Brawl where I will be trying out these budget gaming gear and give you guys my thoughts about them.

The FANTECH X9 Thor Gaming Mouse

Fantech have a lot of gaming mouse in their arsenal and I just happen to stumble upon their brand on Lazada particularly the X9 Thor Gaming Mouse. You can check out my blog post about Fantech here.

Since I need a new mouse for my blogging/Youtube needs and I'm doing this blog series, might as well buy this one and try it out! 

I bought this at Lazada for PHP399 (

Quick Specs

  • Gaming Optical Sensor
  • up to 60 ips/20g Acceleration
  • On The Fly Adjustable 1200-2400-3200-4800 DPI settings via X9 Software
  • 125hz polling rate
  • Ergonomic Design
  • RGB Chroma Light
  • 7 Macro Programmable Buttons
  • 1.8m USB Cable
  • Dimensions: 128mm x 68mm x 41mm

Unboxing Video and Initial Impressions

Full Review

Like I've said in the video I chose to look at 3 aspects of this mouse for the review.

  • Build Quality
  • Hand Feel and Comfortability
  • Responsiveness
I won't even consider the price since it is budget gaming gear and most prices will be below PHP1000 and I believe that the quality is more important than the price(unless you're really tight in the budget).

P.S The Fantech Basic XL Extended Mousepad is only 199php from Lazada.

Build Quality

It is made of plastic but it has some weight in it that is good for control of the mouse and of course slightly differentiates it from other cheap mouse.

The white acrylic plastic that lets the RGB light shine through is a bit frosty which makes the light a bit fainter than other RGB mouse I've seen but it is enough for you to enjoy the lights :)

The Buttons are decently made. The mouse have 7 buttons that are customizable using the X9 Software.
  • Left Mouse Button
  • Right Mouse Button
  • Scroll Wheel Button
  • DPI + Button
  • DPI - Button
  • Side Buton 1
  • Side Button 2
The Scroll wheel have a very good gripping silicon cover. I love it. 

Another thing that alot of cheap gaming mouse don't have is a durable cable. While I haven't totally screwed around with the cable that much, I think it is very durable. The Fantech X9 Thor Gaming mouse have a braided mouse cable with USB Type A Connector. 
The cable is very sturdy in my opinion.

Fantech prides itself with its revolutionary gaming grade sensor. While I don't see anything new to what the X9 Thor has, it probably has to do with its integration with the X9 Software and the DPI settings calibration.

My observation is that, it does pretty well when used on a mouse pad but on a semi reflective surface like my laminated wood table it performs a bit off, which I guess is normal since most optical sensors use reflection of the light to determine accuracy and movement. 

Hand Feel And Comfortability

Like I said in the video, I have huge hands which makes finding a gaming mouse a bit of a challenge since I need a bigger size ones than most people. I used to have an Imperio branded cheap mouse from I think CDR King or Octagon(I forgot), and it is big enough for my hands which I really like.

The Fantech X9 Thor Gaming mouse is a bit smaller than that so it took some adjusting to it.

It did get a bit better after more than a day of use and now it feels good to my hands now.

I like how they separated the DPI Buttons so that you won't accidentally change your DPI during crucial moments in game and of course still get your desired performance from it. 

The mouse feels very good to my hands. It has a bit of weight from the back side of the mouse which is good for maximum accuracy I think. So you don't end up flailing the mouse around or have full control on it. 


The Fantech X9 Thor Gaming Mouse has a polling rate of 125hz. If you don't know what Polling Rate is, it is the rate at which the device(in this case, the mouse) reports to the computer it's location. So at 125hz, it reports the location to the computer 125 times per seconds or 8 per millisecond. 

During my whole use, it is very responsive and accurate to where I want it to be. The click to execution ratio is fast enough for my needs whether its in gaming or editing or other productivity use.

The DPI settings are customizable via the X9 Software and I did change some settings since I want to have the option to have 400 DPI option for graphics/editing work and I only use up to 3200 DPI. 4800 DPI is too much for me hahaha

In game, it is performing well. It really does the job. The only time it  probably fails is when I get disconnected from the game, which is not the mouse's fault hahaha

Other Things You Might Wanna Know

The X9 Software is free to download on their website. You can customize a variety of settings for the X9 Thor Gaming Mouse.

Download it here:

I love how it is kind of intuitive to use and the changes apply instantly so you get the results of the settings as soon as you hit apply.

Here are some screenshots of the X9 Software:

Pricing and Availability

The Fantech X9 Thor Gaming Mouse as well as the Basic XL Extended Mouse Pad can be found on Lazada and Shoppee. Other products of Fantech are also available there. 

For Stores that carry Fantech, I only see Facebook sellers and have a fanpage called FANTECH EXPRESS PH which seems to be the legitimate page for Fantech PH. I'm not totally sure at the moment. 

I also found their website: and I believe they are handled by Ace Gadgets Store which is a legitimate store in Taguig. 

Here are the Lazada Links for the above items:

Note: This is an affiliate link for Lazada which helps me earn a small bit for the items you buy with NO COST TO YOU. This helps me continue making content and buying necessary items for review :)

Final Thoughts

I'm actually quite impressed with its price to performance/features ratio. I didn't expect that at 399php I get features that are otherwise only available to higher end devices.

The Fantech X9 Thor Gaming mouse is not for pro-gamers though. I've had people say that for FPS games, this is not a good mouse since it has a bit of a delayed response, but for me personally, it's workable. Either way, it is still a good mouse to have especially if you're very tight on budget.

Thank you guys for reading this blog!

What do you guys think about this mouse? Will you buy this mouse? What device should I review next?
What do you guys wanna know about a gaming gear? Let me know in the comments section or leave me a message on our facebook page! :)

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